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Even if you regularly vacuum your carpet, you’d be shocked what you might find buried deep within its fibers. Carpets attract all kinds of dirt and dust, and may even be home to mites, pollen, mold, and so much more. Carpets can also house set-in stains and odors that are nearly impossible to get rid of with manual scrubbing. 

At Summit Restoration and Construction, we go a step further by offering professional carpet cleaning that wipes out these problems, no matter how deep into your carpet they might be. We provide top-notch carpet cleaning in Twin Falls and the surrounding areas.

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Our carpet cleaning services are some of the finest in the Twin Falls area, focusing on delivering long-term results, restoring color and texture, and rejuvenating even those carpets that haven’t been properly cleaned in years. 

Don’t spend the money tearing out and replacing your flooring when you could save a bundle by having it professionally cleaned. Our crews utilize state-of-the-art carpet cleaning machines that easily eliminate even the toughest problems to restore your carpets to their best condition.

Book your carpet cleaning service by booking online or calling Summit Restoration and Construction at (208) 269-7785 today!

Why Schedule a Deep Cleaning Service?

Casual carpet maintenance can help give you peace of mind, and it does remove a good amount of debris and dirt that may have found its way into your carpet. However, it’s no substitution for a thorough, professional deep cleaning service. A professional deep cleaning uses the power of warm water, steam, and shampoo to scrub odors, debris, and particles of all types out of the deepest levels of your carpet’s fibers, restoring their color and texture to like-new condition.

Schedule your carpet cleaning service today if:

  • You’re planning on selling and showing your home
  • You’re hosting company
  • Your carpet has recently sustained a potentially catastrophic stain
  • Your carpet smells strongly of pet or other odors
  • Your carpet hasn’t been professionally cleaned in at least two years

If any of the above situations apply, give us a call at (208) 269-7785 or contact us online today for carpet cleaning in Twin Falls.

The Best View Comes After the Hardest Climb

We, at Summit Restoration & Construction, understand that disaster can come at the worst time. Let us take the weight off your shoulders and guide you up the mountain.

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twin falls carpet cleaning that removes Years of Dirt & Dust with Ease!

If your floors have started to become dull, boring, or downright unsightly, restoring them with a carpet cleaning service can inject new life into them and even help your entire home feel refreshed. Carpet cleaning is also a great way to get rid of issues that may have developed in the aftermath of a disaster like a flood or fire. In fact, if your carpets have been damaged or impacted by one of these tragedies, then we typically will conduct a carpet cleaning as a part of your restoration

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Reviews That Place Us at the Top
“I had some interior water damage on the walls and ceiling of a stairwell due to a leak in my roof. The guys at Summit did a great job returning my damaged interior back to its original state.” - S.M.